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it´s all about details

a design you can feel is probably the most surprising expierience you can make, exploring an artwork. for me design is more than matching colors or nice typo. whenever it is possible, i want the idea of the design beeing felt.




if paper unfolds like this, it must be love

there a many ways to leave an impression. one of the most beautiful things is fine art paper folded, matching silently but impressive in your design idea.




wanna see me smile? just give me a cam.

oh, yes and don´t forget about the cookies. photographing to me means to get totally lost in time and space for that one perfect shot.


what i provide for my lovely clients.

ideas that blow up your mind.

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if you need something maverick, fresh and are not afraid pushing things to the limit, trying something new - i´m your girl. i am always curious and looking for some interesting projects that make my mind spin at light speed. that´s when ideas and designs are born, that make you stand out from the crowd and still meet your advertising goals.

key visuals that touch your heart.

sometimes a .jpg says more than a thousand .doc´s.

using the right pictures in advertising makes the customer´s wants turn into needs and transports that one successful advertising message your business wants to share, put it in the proper light and create that emotional appeal.

  • degussa

    degussa intranet


  • pci

    pci business website/database

    concept, design & programming

  • akdb

    akdb eGovernment online application

    concept, animation & ui-design

  • bmw

    bmw online car configurator

    winner european multimedia award - concept, web-/ui-design & programming

this is the list of my recent works.

to my

sometimes these ideas come to mind and they have to be done, whether they get real projects or not...

mailingsgame branded mailing


xmas mailing for my clients

as you have made it all the way down here, you already know the secret: i like design, gaming and cookies. there is a perfect time to combine all these things: christmas. and there is a name for another fun project: branded cookies, labeled with ui-elements and packed in color-coordinated, gamestyle mailings. ever had a cherry-chocolate-zombie-cookie? no? you really should become one of my clients...

t-shirts geek design shirts


shirts 4 nerds

geeks are shy, but adorable people. their must have to express themselves: shirts. so i decided, to do a few t-shirt designs, that really just a nerd can fall in love with and make them unleash their inner freak. this is a work in progress. i am actually playing around with some handmade, unique t-shirt designs that hold hidden messages. 1N73LL1G3NC3 15 7H3 4B1L17Y 70 4D4P7 70 CH4NG3...

pitchtown anniversary


friedberg 750

sometimes its do or die. so i did. a design for an advertising pitch nearly "over nite". it took me 3 days to do the hole event concept, print designs, cms based webdesign, give aways and so on. unfortunately the clients decided to do it all by themselves, as of budget meanings. i still like the concept and clear design so much, and it was a pleasure to work totally free and without limits (and sleep), so i think the work has to be shown somewhere for some reason.


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sabrina mastnak digital artwork

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email : info@mastnak.de

phone : 0821- 81 51 682

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